Crypto Slots

Native Polygon blockchain implementation of the famous slot machine
No Deposits
Play directly from your Wallet!
We do not ask you to deposit anything; all the money is always available in your Wallet.
No Withdrawals
The wins are immediately sent to your wallet.
No waiting and no holds. Check your balance in real time in your crypto wallet.
100% Fair
Check all the transactions right from your crypto wallet. See where the random number came from and verify the outcome in a few clicks.

How To Play Crypto Slots?

Switch To Matic will connect the game to your MetaMask wallet.
If you do not have the MetaMask add-on in your browser, install it from this link.
Currently, MetaMask is the most popular crypto wallet. You will need it to sign the game transactions.
2. Sign the transaction
Each act of the game is a transaction on the Blockchain. Put your digital signature on every bet you place.
3. Wait for the Blockchain
Once the transaction is signed, our smart contract on the Blockchain starts calculating the outcome. The game waits for a random number from a certified oracle. This number will be used to decide on the amount of the win.
4. The Result
In about 5-10 seconds, we will have everything calculated, and the game will show the amount of winning.
Now you start a new game!

Why Crypto?

Blockchains were built primarily for trustless financial transactions, a naturally perfect environment for games with money involvement.

Why Polygon?

Polygon is relatively fast, cheap, and secure. You pay cents per transaction, and it takes just a few seconds to calculate the outcome of a game.

Why Slots?

Slots is a simple and fun chance game: just one button to control, high chances of winning, and plenty of entertainment.

100% Fair Slot Machine

The beautiful symbols you see in the game are just random numbers. The fairness of those numbers determines the fairness of the game.
What you see:
What the machine sees:

Provably Fair RNG

The outcome in crypto slots is determined by a random number generator that creates a sequence of values for the slot matrix.
We use the industry standard cryptographically secure randomness from Chainlink.

Everything is On-chain

On-chain means that anyone can verify that the game was played fairly at any time. Right from your crypto wallet, check the blockchain transactions for the random number, the source code, and all the internal transactions.
Everything is transparent, everything is open, everything is fair.